The Macedonia Support Network has made the difference between success and failure, understanding and confusion, hope and despair, for Families in crisis.

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Pride and Joy

Monday, September 10, 2023


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions and solving family problems.

From the Heart

Saturday, July 28, 2023

​​Psychoanalytic Stories

​Mindful Parenting

Thursday, June 02, 2023


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions.

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Macedonia Support Network is devoted to the elimination of domestic violence in urban and rural areas, across all racial, religious and economic groups. Macedonia Support Networkidentifies and works to eradicate the social conditions that perpetuate or condone domestic violence such as sexism, ageism, heterosexism, and able-bodyism and easy access to guns.

Macedonia Support Network protects and empowers battered women and children through vigilance and sponsorship of national public policy initiatives and federal legislation such as the Violence Against Women Act.

Macedonia Support Network

partners with corporations and foundations to design and fund innovative programs to eliminate domestic violence and to foster development of safe alternatives within local communities.

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